(Steve Strang) In this presidential election cycle, we have several candidates who are strong believers. This is not to say that we should only vote for believers. But in a day when wrong is right and right is wrong, we have an opportunity to elect a leader who shares our values. This was the topic of a networking meeting I attended last week at a beautiful ranch owned by Farris and Joan Wilks near Cisco, Texas. It was a “who’s who” of conservative Christian leaders who came together to listen to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz tell his strategy to turn America around. I was able to interview Sen. Cruz, which I will publish later this month.

The people who attended were not there to endorse Sen. Cruz, so we were asked to take no photos or list no names lest someone’s presence at the event be seen as an endorsement. I was impressed, however, with how many leaders of charismatic ministries and churches I saw there. That’s because, traditionally, it’s the noncharismatic evangelicals who have been most involved in the political process. FULL REPORT