(Steve Strang) The Bible says the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. We wrote about this in the January issue of Charisma in which we covered both fasting and health. To me, they are somewhat related, as I explained in my Perspectives column. I believe we must be responsible for and take care of the physical body God has given us. I hope for many reasons that our issue on health and fasting is a turning point.

I know some Christians who wouldn’t drink or smoke (because it’s unhealthy) but were so obese they had very poor health. They wouldn’t need God to heal them of their maladies if they had lived healthy lifestyles! Fasting is a spiritual discipline that brings us closer to God and helps us believe Him at times of great need. And the articles on health in the January issue of Charisma can help us improve incrementally and enjoy life to the fullest. No matter how poor or good your health is, you can improve. A decade ago, I felt led to fast for 40 days. It was a time of great spiritual breakthrough for me. I got a physical exam before I started my 40-day fast, which I recommend before doing something so radical. FULL REPORT