Tensions spiked between North Korea and the rest of the world after Pyongyang claimed that it successfully tested a miniaturized hydrogen bomb on Wednesday. The test, if confirmed, would be a game-changer in East Asia. A Hydrogen bomb would indicate that North Korea’s nuclear capabilities are quickly growing and that the country could be on the path to develop tactical nuclear weapons.

The test on Wednesday would be North Korea’s fourth test of a nuclear weapon, and the third under Kim Jong Un. Following North Korea’s announcement, world leaders unanimously reacted with disapproval, but there is little that the world can do to directly influence Pyongyang.

Still, the entire episode shows just how precarious the situation remains on the Korean peninsula. In the event of a war, North Korea would most likely be overthrown by the combined forces of South Korea and the US, but not before Kim Jong Un and his military would be able to do some serious damage to North Korea’s southern neighbor. Harry J. Kazianis, writing for The National Interest, notes that the Kim regime has five weapons that could cause mass fatalities and sow extreme panic throughout South Korea and even possibly in the US. FULL REPORT