A pastor was offering prayers to the Most High and sealing them in the name of Jesus when a government official cut him off. Ohio Pastor B.J. VanAman led the Ohio House invocation earlier this week, exalting Jesus in what was supposed to be a “nonsectarian” prayer. According to the Columbus Dispatch, the prayer included “Though the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ,” and went on to describe Jesus, whose “name is above every name,” and at His name “every knee shall bow.”

It also described Jesus as the “author and finisher of our faith.” But VanAman went on too long, in the opinion of House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, who jumped in with an “Amen” and cut the pastor off. “It’s just that I felt that I gave it its due diligence,” the speaker said, according to the Dispatch. “When I thought it was enough I didn’t know really how best to do it, so I just said ‘amen’ and here we go.”For the speaker’s part, though, he says he “didn’t mean to be rude, and I feel terrible.” FULL REPORT