(WND) Teachers and politicians in Germany want a new, annotated version of Adolf Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” to be incorporated into the country’s classroom lessons on politics and history. The German teachers’ union and Social-Democratic Party want excerpts to be included in the school curriculum as a tool to teach students about the roots of racism and modern anti-Semitism in Germany.

The Institute for Contemporary History in Munich is reprinting the book and selling it in bookstores starting next week, reports CNN. The copyright held for 70 years by the state of Bavaria expired Jan. 1, 70 years after the Nazi leader’s death. “To historically unmask this anti-Semitic, dehumanizing polemical pamphlet and to explain the propaganda mechanism through appropriately qualified teachers is a task of modern education,” SDP lawmaker Ernst Dieter Rossmann told the German newspaper Handelsblatt.

German Education Secretary Johanna Wanka said the new book comes with 3,500 annotations from scholars to ensure Hitler’s views about eugenics, race theory and other topics don’t go “uncontradicted” and that it’s “aimed at promoting political education and is easily comprehensible.” FULL REPORT