End-times author Joel C. Rosenberg believes that the next U.S. president “must understand” that so-called “apocalyptic Islam” — a dangerous, end times philosophy — is the “greatest challenge facing the Western alliance in the Middle East.” Rosenberg, who has repeatedly warned, more broadly, that this radical form of Islamic faith is the gravest threat to America’s security, wrote in a Jan. 6 op-ed for the Jerusalem Post that “the Oval Office is no place for on-the-job training” and that the next president must be ready.

The author, who recently released the book “The First Hostage,” said that the next commander-in-chief must be prepared to contend, not only with radical Islam, but with the apocalyptic derivative — something that he believes most candidates and voters fail to understand.

“While adherents of radical Islam (such as al-Qaida, the Taliban, Hamas, etc.,) use violent acts hoping to drive the U.S., Israel and other ‘infidels’ out of what they regard as their holy lands, adherents of apocalyptic Islam seek to use genocide to annihilate all infidels and establish a global Islamic kingdom known as the caliphate,” he said, distinguishing between the two. FULL REPORT