(Katy Degraw) The church could be compared to a restaurant where we can have a bad experience or meal, but does that mean we don’t ever eat out or go to church again? We can all have excuses for not attending church, but meanwhile there are people who aren’t being impacted by what we offer.

Churches, like people, aren’t perfect, because they are made up of imperfect people; but do we quit and give up on the church altogether? Issues and people in the church do hurt us. They may treat you unfairly at times, and you may suffer injustices. The church is run by imperfect people, just like you and me. It is run much like the businesses, restaurants, stores and workplaces you frequent. Why should the church hurt any less when run by the same people? Because people expect us to be different and do it better.

Yes, some of us do it better, but only after being refined and defined by the hand of the living God for years. Some people aren’t willing to go through the brokenness and purging it requires to truly have us act like the church. Therefore, we are going to be hurt. FULL REPORT