Are we any closer to the end of the world? The scientists behind the “doomsday clock” are set to make an announcement detailing just how close we are to destruction, according to the Associated Press. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have been predicting the end of the world in terms of “minutes to midnight,” based on world events like nuclear threats, political leadership and weapons treaties, since 1947.

In 2015, the world was listed at “3 minutes to midnight,” which is the closest the clock has been to the predicted end times in 30 years, according to Fusion. “It is worth noting that while humans have not yet succumbed to any full-on, post-apocalyptic scenarios, plants and animals are not faring so well. Many scientists believe the planet has already entered its sixth mass extinction, and according to a recent report in Science, more than 75 percent of species of animals and plants could be gone within a few centuries,” Fusion’s Ari Phillips writes. CONTINUE