A handful of new TV shows are laced with somewhat religious themes. Actors Rob Lowe and Jenna Fisher star in You, Me and The Apocalypse on NBC. The show’s premise is that the world will soon end from the threat of an 8-mile comet heading toward Earth. A group of mismatched characters, including a priest who drinks and swears, a nun and twin brothers who run a cyber-terrorist organization, are trapped safely in a bunker under the Earth’s surface.

The nun and the priest set out to investigate biblical prophesies surrounding the end times, including false messiahs and even an antichrist. True religion? Not so much. It premiers January 28. The show Mercy Street premiered Jan. 17 on PBS. According to TV executives, the Civil War-era show is based on real events and goes beyond the frontline of the war and into the chaotic luxury hotel that turned into Mansion House Hospital in Union-occupied Alexandria, Virginia. CONTINUE