BD warned over a year and a half ago that President Obama wasn’t about to spend his post-presidency building houses, like Jimmy Carter, but that there were discernible signs that he would seek to become secretary-general of the United Nations. In the West Point speech he gave in May 2014, IBD pointed out that the president denied the reality of the American global decline he has engineered. “Think about it,” he told the assembled cadets. “Our military has no peer.”

It was disturbingly similar to Carter’s pathetic 1979 “malaise” speech, in which Carter boasted of “the outward strength of America, a nation that is at peace tonight everywhere in the world, with unmatched economic power and military might” — as Americans suffered gasoline lines stretching blocks. Just as Obama was bestowed a Nobel Peace Prize before his chair in the Oval Office was even warm — for “multilateral diplomacy,” according to the Nobel Committee, and for placing an “emphasis on the role that the United Nations and other international institutions can play” — the UN, with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s term ending in early 2017, could make Obama “president of the world.” FULL REPORT