For anyone wondering what strange or foreboding things 2016 might bring, heres one clue. We’ve had car production plants for many years, churning out thousands of standard cars in factory production lines. This year, we might well see thousands of ‘standard cows’ being churned out in factory production lines. Hows that for a change? We arent talking toy cows here either, or even the storyline in some twisted ‘stranger than fiction’ movie script. As reported by Abby Haglage in the, we really are likely to see the rise of mass-produced animal clones, thanks to an “enterprising and madcap” scientist in China named Xiao-Chun Xu.

Xu is a Chinese-born doctor who founded a massive stem-cell database with the help of seven research institutes in 2009. Three years later, he founded Boyalife Group, a $2 billion venture with four locations and 22 subsidiariesthe newest is Boyalife Genomics. Xu is also an adjunct professor of molecular medicine at Peking University, where hes heralded as an expert in everything from arthritis to oncology. FULL REPORT