(Ryan Johnson) In September of 2015, I had a dream that I believe God gave me in order to reveal two important revelations to myself and others. In the dream, I found myself on the side of a mountain with my dad. The mountain had a semi-rough terrain, but overall it would not prevent us from climbing. We had come to a place where we sat down to rest on the side of the mountain. I remember looking around the landscape and admiring how everything appeared. Within moments, I looked over at my dad and saw that he had stood up and began to go back down the side of the mountain. I yelled at my dad, “Dad, what are you doing?” In which he responded, “I’m going this way, it’s easier this way.” Immediately, after that statement, my dad fell to the ground. His feet went out from underneath him (he was wearing cowboy boots) causing him to fall.

He reached out his arms to catch himself and then hit the dirt. He quickly bounced back up saying that he was okay. I yelled down and said, “Dad, are you okay?” Once again, he said that he was fine. Then I remember looking down and noticing that his right arm was bent completely backwards at the elbow. Somehow in the dream, I knew instantly that he had broken his elbow. I yelled, “Dad, look at your elbow. It’s broken. You broke your elbow, are you okay?” Not only was his elbow broken, but his forearm and hand were going in the opposite direction. Rather than his forearm and hand going into the body, they went out from the body. He reassured me that he was okay and he was going to go on the way he was going, which was down the mountain. It was then that I woke up from my dream. CONTINUE