Although they are largely unseen, angels are real just like people, and they exist in great numbers, legendary evangelist Billy Graham said. The 97-year-old preacher expounded on the reality of angels in this world in a reply to a question by a reader in the Q&A segment of his column in the Kansas City Star on Thursday, as reported by The Gospel Herald. “What do angels look like? Do they look like the pictures we see on Christmas cards? Or are they even real?” the reader asked.

Graham replied, “Yes, angels are real, just as real as you and I are. Although they are largely unseen by us, they exist in great numbers. The Bible speaks of ‘thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly’ (Hebrews 12:22). When Jesus’ birth was announced to the shepherds outside Bethlehem, ‘a great company of the heavenly host appeared … praising God’ (Luke 2:13).” Graham said angels are a mystery to many people because they do not have physical bodies. However, he said, on occasion angels appear as ordinary humans or glorious celestial beings that reflect the majesty of God. CONTINUE