In the latest move that suggests that a bare five-lawyer, same-sex “marriage” endorsing majority on the U.S. Supreme Court is far out of step with many Americans, lawmakers in South Carolina have proposed the South Carolina Natural Marriage Defense Act, which would withdraw recognition of homosexual duos.

“I represent the people, and the people have shown several times that they are opposed to this, and are in favor of traditional marriage,” state Rep. Bill Chumley, R-Woodruff, said in a report in on Tuesday.

He was joined by Rep. Mike Burns, R-Taylors, in prefiling a bill in the House to “define marriage as between one man and one woman.” Derek Black, a University of South Carolina law teacher, told the news organization in an email that it wasn’t up to lawmakers to represent their constituents in this way. “It is the task of the courts to interpret the Constitution and it is the task of legislators to act in accordance with the Constitution and other validly enacted laws,” he said. FULL REPORT