(Tony Perkins) This week, the president detailed the many ways in which he has fundamentally transformed America. When he took office, Barack Obama set out to accomplish this goal by tragically departing from the values that made America a great nation. Unfortunately, this isn’t cause for concern for the President—it’s cause for celebration. The evidence of this transformation is everywhere—from terrorists attacks on our streets to the confusion in our classrooms; from the further fracturing of the family to the misuse of our military to the expanding racial divide.

And unfortunately, we’ll be spending the better part of a generation trying to repair the damage of the Obama administration. But, as those who watched tonight’s State of the Union know, there is light at the end of the lawless tunnel. We see it in the fresh face sitting in the Speaker’s chair behind President Obama. We saw it in the audience, where women of conviction like Kim Davis and the Little Sisters of the Poor were seated—symbols of courage in the president’s war on religious liberty. And we see it in the speeches of the men and women vying to stand exactly where the president is next year. FULL REPORT