After the high intensity disastrous quakes that hit Manipur, the Union home ministry’s disaster management wing have warned that much intense quakes might hit Himalayas soon. The experts from the department believes that earthquakes of over 8.2 magnitude on the Richter scale might hit the Himalayas, which will have an adverse impact on whole north India.

The series of earthquakes which hit Nepal, Manipur and Sikkim regions since last year (all close to 7 magnitude on Richter scale), has reportedly affected the plates and triggered the fear of multiple quakes of close to 8.0 magnitude.

Some international seismology experts believe that after north eastern part of India was hit by a series of earthquakes, there is a fear of at least four earthquakes to hit Himalaya regions which might be greater the 8.0 magnitude on Richter scale. But, the Indian scientists turned down all such claims about any such fear of earthquakes on the Himalayas. FULL REPORT