The church has more than its share of critics these days. Sometimes the criticism is unwarranted. People project their issues onto a congregation or onto the church, which is never healthy. And, of course, the church will inevitably run into criticism. What we’re doing is counter-cultural and will never be met with universal applause. The Gospel, even when powerfully shared, got John the Baptist, the Apostle Paul, Jesus and the prophets killed, just to name a few.

While it seems strange to say it, even love, when seen fully and magnificently, gets rejected. But other times we absolutely deserve the criticism that comes our way. Often these days, it seems, we’re not ridiculed or persecuted because we’re fighting nobly. Nope, sometimes we just shoot ourselves in the foot. Here are 5 things that, in my view, would help the mission of the church become more authentic and more effective if we could just stop doing them. CONTINUE