32 earthquakes rocked Oklahoma in less than a 24-hour span starting Wednesday night. The United States Geological Society (USGS) measured the first one around 10:27 p.m. as a 4.7-magnitude quake near Fairview. Thirty seconds later a 4.8-magnitude quake hit near Alva.

A 4.0-magnitude quake is the highest earthquake recorded on Thursday. Peter Michael, a Geoscience Professor at the University of Tulsa, tracked USGS data from this week. In his research, he found Oklahoma had another two quakes measuring at a 3.7-magnitude and a 3.8-magnitude on Tuesday.

He said with more data experts can examine weaker clusters of earthquakes to track future larger ones. “It would require that we go back into all of our records to see if any of our other earthquakes that we have had in the past had been preceded by a little up spike in activity,” said Michael. He also said an instant alert warning system could also help prepare residents after a quake first hits in active areas like Fairview. FULL REPORT