Life continues to deteriorate under the socialist regime in Venezuela, an oil-rich South American nation whose citizens’ quality of life has nearly collapsed in the throes of Marxist economic policy. But no matter, because government officials are quick to offer solutions. In fact, the governor of the Venezuelan state of Bolivar has offered a very unique approach to staving off starvation: Citizens who are short on food can always fry up some rocks (that is, if they can find enough cooking oil, which has been a problem too).

After all, says the man who made the suggestion, Gov. Francisco Rangel, during a recent radio program, eating fried minerals and metals of the earth is much better than surrendering to a political opposition that dares to suggest a return to a (once-vibrant) free-market economy that used to provide for citizens’ needs (and at a profit too – gasp!). As reported by the PanAm Post, Rangel – who most likely has no shortage of food at his table – said Sept. 29 that citizens should not “yield to temptation” or worry much about not being able to find food during the country’s regular shortages (in other words, ignore those hunger pangs and Marxist on!). “Let them take away whatever they want. We are capable of eating a stick, or instead of frying two eggs, fry two rocks, and we will eat fried rocks, ” he said, “but no one can beat us.” CONTINUE