In many ways it seems that our world is on fire right now. I am not talking about global warming or climate change; I am talking about the massive eruption of Islamic terrorism around the globe and groups like ISIS, Boko Haram, al-Qaida and Hezbollah. We have never seen anything like this in modern times. Christians are being beheaded and crucified. Children are being slaughtered. ISIS continues to grow in power and influence. The flag of ISIS now flies over Fallujah, where 100 American soldiers died taking control of the city during the war in Iraq, and another 600 were wounded.

Then we have Iran, which funds terrorism around the world, yet we’ve negotiated with them as they continue their efforts to acquire nuclear weapons. They have made it very clear what their intentions are. They want to use them on what they call the Great Satan and the Little Satan, which are their terms for the United States and Israel. There is Russia, which is on the move again, showing aggression like we haven’t seen for years and taking territory with no opposition. And there is North Korea. They are engaged in some serious saber rattling, developing nukes and threatening to use them against the United States. FULL REPORT