(Daryl Billings) It’s obvious to believers that things are out of control in the United States of America. However, this is not an article about how terrible things have become. I am declaring it’s time for all who believe that Jesus Christ is Lord to rise up and take our place as those who are in charge. I don’t think a change in political leaders is the way for change to happen. I’m not against having believers in political office.

I’m all for moral and ethical leaders. Revival will begin when we realize we are carrying the answer to cultural change. Let me use the example of the parting of the Red Sea for the children of Israel. Exodus 14 has the entire story. Things looked bad for the freed slaves. The army of Pharaoh was pursuing them in order to annihilate all of them and the army was close. The children of Israel were not trained soldiers and they were blocked from escape by a large body of water. People were afraid and they begin to blame their leaders for their problems. They said it would better if things could return to the “old times”. Back when they were slaves. FULL REPORT