(Michael Brown) I could hear the shock and pain in his voice. He could not believe what he had just seen at a birthday party for a pastor’s wife. How could this be? I received a text from this friend during my radio show, so I called him as soon as the show was over. What he told me brought tears to my eyes. Please understand that the man calling me was no Christian prude. He had lived a worldly life before meeting the Lord, and he knew the party scene well. And he was no uptight, old-fashioned traditionalist, no fun-killing legalist.

He was simply a lover of Jesus who was mortified by the spirit of the world flooding into the church, and in a million years, he would never have believed that the party he attended was for the wife of a respected pastor. He told me that the pastor functioned as the DJ, playing 30-40 songs over the night. Not one of the songs was Christian, and some of them were downright profane—meaning full of profanity and even celebrating pot and the like. These were the sounds that filled the room. At one point, the wife of another leader climbed onto a chair, grabbed the ceiling to brace herself, then began to dance like a stripper. CONTINUE