It comes as tensions between NATO countries and Moscow continued to mount, with Russia threatening “nuclear counter measures” over a plan to bolster nuclear facilities in Germany. David Cameron is currently trying to find a “compromise deal” with Russian president Vladimir Putin over tackling the IS terror group in Syria. But Russian aggression in Eastern Europe, an increase in NATO air-space incursions by Russian bombers, and the development of a new Russian “super tank” has led senior commanders to admit that the prospects of a conventional ground war In Eastern Europe can no longer be ignored. The British Army has 227 Challenger 2 main battle tanks but, while they are still respected, they are in urgent need of upgrade.

Last year the British Army took part in live-fire NATO exercise in Poland with more than 100 armored vehicles. Operation Black Eagle “highlighted the British Army’s ability to deploy an armored battle-group at short notice anywhere in the world in support of the nation’s allies.” However the Sunday Express has learned that, unlike its NATO allies, Britain not able to deploy a full squadron of 14 tanks plus two in reserve within the regulation 30 -days time limit. CONTINUE