The deadly threat comes just a day after the NATO member, which holds the Western alliance’s second largest army, shot down a mysterious unidentified drone near its border with Syria. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has since ratcheted up the war rhetoric as the chaotic conflict in Syria threatens to spill over into Turkey and beyond. Syrian, Russian and U.S-led coalition aircraft are flying combat missions close to Turkey’s borders as part of the ongoing Syrian conflict against Islamic State.

The Syrian air strikes mean that Russian and NATO planes are now flying combat missions in the same air space for the first time since World War Two, raising fears that the Cold War enemies could risk a proxy war. Friday’s drone incident highlights the danger that Turkey could be drawn into a military confrontation with Russia and force the rest of NATO, including Britain, into war with it. The Turkish military said it shot down the unmanned aircraft after it continued on its course despite three warnings. FULL REPORT