(DailyMail) A transgender model wants to become the first person in Britain to be both the mother and father of the same baby. Fay Purdham, who was born Kevin McCamley, has launched a £100,000 public appeal to find a surrogate mother in a bid to achieve her dream of motherhood. The 27-year-old, whose transition cost £60,000, froze some of her sperm before she began her journey to become a woman aged 16. She now needs £100,000 to pay a surrogate mother to help fulfil her dream of having children and has launched a crowd-funding campaign.

Once the baby is born, she plans to be the child’s adoptive mother and biological father. Ms Purdham, from Newcastle, said: ‘Even before I knew I wanted to become a woman, I wanted to be a mother. ‘I have transitioned to my chosen gender, but it’s a huge task and cost to do this, so I’ve set up a Go Fund Me page up to help me on my journey to become a mother and have my dreams come true. CONTINUE