Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was recently on CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ as shared in the 1st video below and issued what some people are now calling a secret ‘message of doom’ by warning a potential ‘terrible accident’ may happen soon if Congress doesn’t soon raise the debt limit. Strangely enough, this will need to happen by the 3rd of November, a very interesting date if one digs deeper. Is what Lew is saying here just a stern message to Congress to increase the debt limit or does he have inside information about a coming attack of some variety upon America, a cyber attack that shuts down our computer systems nationwide or something much worse? What kind of ‘terrible accident’ does he refer to? We’re told that the debt ceiling in America has already been raised 74 times since 1962 according to Wikipedia and with our debt ceiling officially being reached by November 3rd if Congress doesn’t act, we also have to ask if a magazine cover from The Economist predicted this ‘event’ many months ago? From JAMES BAILEY at Z3News.:

What kind of terrible accident is he talking about? He could be just sounding the alarm to motivate Congress to raise the debt limit, but his comments caught my attention because the timing coincides with warnings I have heard about a sudden economic collapse, which I saw in a dream last year. I shared the details of that dream in my previous post, Warning: Sudden Economic Collapse Coming in 2015. A few years ago I was very skeptical about conspiracy theories of shadow figures manipulating our economy and our government, but in that dream the Lord showed me these figures are going to orchestrate and cause a collapse. So I started studying this topic and learned they consist of a small number of super-wealthy individuals seeking more power and wealth for themselves and willing to do just about anything to get it. They include people like George Soros, the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, and others. FULL REPORT