The hyper active and record-breaking Pacific tropical cyclone season continues to produce remarkable storms. Champi, the category 3 typhoon in the western Pacific, has formed an eye that is 70 miles wide! “It’s impressively large,” said Phil Klotzbach, hurricane researcher at Colorado State University. The eye is so big that anything underneath it would experience 7 to 8 hours of calm, before getting slammed by the storm’s eyewall.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if some birds are taking shelter there,” Klotzbach said. John Knaff, a tropical cyclone researcher also out of Colorado State, estimated Champi’s eye is about 1.5 standard deviations bigger than average or roughly in the top 10 percent. While Champi’s eye is big, Klotzbach said it’s not unheard of for storms in the northwest Pacific to form giant eyes. FULL REPORT