(Michael Brown) In response to Justin Bieber’s latest profession of faith in Jesus, Candace Cameron Bure on The View said, “I think it’s important to remember that when someone says they’re a Christian, it doesn’t mean they’re perfect. They are just a recognized sinner in need of God’s grace.” She continued, “And so that’s all Justin was saying. He recognizes that.” She went on to explain that he’s made mistakes in the past and will still do so, but that we should applaud him and encourage him to continue to be a good role model.

In my open letter to Justin Bieber earlier in the week, I stated that it’s great that he’s talking about Jesus and that he’s not ashamed to say that he wants to live like Him. The question is, and it’s the one I sought to answer in a positive way in my letter: What does it mean to live like Him? What does it mean to be a true Christian? Does our conduct matter? Is it reasonable to think that a follower of Jesus will live differently than the world? It’s one thing to recognize that, on our best day, we still fall short, and we are in constant need of God’s grace. It’s another thing to say that professing faith in Jesus is enough and that it’s condemning or negative or hateful to call for a changed life. CONTINUE