Republican presidential candidate and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” Tuesday and declared the “far left” in American politics as having a deeply ingrained hostility toward Christianity. Hannity set up the interview with a recording of President Obama’s comments to notable novelist Marilynne Robinson in mid-September that seemed to be critical of committed Christians. In a story reported by The Christian Post on Wednesday, the president criticized highly religious people for being suspicious of others and taking an “us versus them” approach within the broader American culture.

Hannity used part of the segment to show clips of Obama praising Islam and clips of the president’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, denouncing America. The conservative host then denounced Obama as praising Islam and lecturing Christians. Cruz used the interview as an opportunity to talk up his rising poll numbers and fundraising but blasted the political left in America and Obama’s worldview. “The far left has always had a strong anti-American streak and it’s always had an antipathy for Christians,” declared Cruz. Cruz said that has been a characteristic of the far left from the very beginning and criticized Wright’s anti-American rhetoric as “stomach turning.” CONTINUE