Well Mr. Obama is at it again with friction against Israel! According to a recent report, President Obama’s determination to turn America into just another one of the United Nations’ 193 members sends a clear message to Israel: You’re on your own. And nowhere was that more obvious than at last week’s UN General Assembly in New York — or its follow-up: this weekend’s stabbing and shooting spree that left four Israelis dead, with more violence sure to come. Striving for relevance at Turtle Bay’s annual gabfest, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas rallied the pro-Palestinian faithful by highlighting imaginary Israeli violations of religious rights in Jerusalem. The deadly anti-Jewish violence that followed was utterly predictable.

Can America help? Only if we change diplomatic course. For now, Washington has stopped pressing Abbas to deal with Israel. Secretary of State John Kerry recently nixed a planned meeting between Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Instead, America increasingly allows a UN gang-up on Israel. There, naturally, Netanyahu is pushed to make concessions to the Palestinians even as Abbas emptily declares he’d end all past agreements with the Jewish state. CONTINUE