Swiss voters on Sunday sent a message to the European Union that they will not tolerate the mass migration of Muslims from the Middle East. The Swiss People’s Party (SVP) took the largest percentage of parliamentary seats over the weekend, making it the dominant political party in Switzerland. It won 29.4 percent of the vote. The central issue during the election was the massive influx or largely illegal immigrants.

“The vote was clear,” said SVP leader Toni Brunner. “The people are worried about mass migration to Europe.” The SVP election victory comes nearly two years after the Swiss people voted in favor of a referendum limiting the number of foreigners living in the country. Socialists lamented the victory and their losses during the election. The Christian Democrats and the Green Liberals also lost seats in the Parliament. “One theme has unfortunately been very dominant during the campaign,” said Rebecca Ruiz, a candidate for the Socialists. She said the Swiss “people voted out of fear.” MORE