If you live in Oklahoma this may a bit disturbing news for you? A satanic priest, who is also a registered sex offender, will be at Lawton Public Library signing, what he calls, the handbook to worshiping the devil. Adam Daniels, the author of the book, “Ahrimani Enlightenment,” will sign books and answer questions on October 27 from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. We posted news of this event on Facebook, and it didn’t take long before people expressed their outrage that a satanic reading and book signing will happen where children are frequent visitors, but not everyone was against it.

“I don’t want my kids exposed to either one. The fact that he is a sex offender should keep him out legally. And as for me and my family, we do not buy books written by satanic authors, and do not support them coming to our community. This is exactly what our kids don’t need,” Mary Miller posted on Facebook in regard to the event. “I mean, freedom of religion, right? Everyone is allowed to have their beliefs. You start banning one, well it’s only fair you ban all. Not one person is above the next despite your beliefs,” Jessica O’Neal said via Facebook post. Daniels is well aware of the controversy, but what may surprise you is what he says he expects to get from his visit to Lawton. “Create a tolerance and to educate people, so that when they walk away they know we are not who they say we are,” Daniels said. FULL REPORT