A Washington school district has sent a letter to Bremerton High School football coach Joe Kennedy telling him, in no uncertain terms, stop praying on the field or you could be fired.“Any further violations will be grounds for discipline, up to and including discharge from district employment,” wrote Aaron Leavell, the superintendent, in a letter to Kennedy, Fox News reported. Kennedy, meanwhile, who’s been fighting for the right to pray on the 50-yard line and in the locker room, both before and after the games, said he was shocked by the letter. “I was really shocked,” he said to Fox News. “I went out of my way to accommodate them.

All I wanted to do was pray, and now I can’t even pray at all.” As WND previously reported, Kennedy has been praying for years before the game and after the game, mostly on the 50-yard line, for all the players’ safety, on both his team and visiting teams. Over time, others joined him in the prayer. And that’s when school administrators ordered him to stop, sending him a cease and desist letter. Kennedy went on Fox News with an attorney from the Liberty Institute a couple weeks ago to announce his intent to continue the prayer, while at the same time confirming he’s stopped the locker room prayer with his team. FULL REPORT