Perry Stone is sounding the alarm of government persecution against churches, particularly about homosexuality.  I have just been informed of a major plan by the extreme left, that has the support over 100 House members and numerous Senators, that if passed would make it a crime for churches and ministers to publically (sic) say the gay lifestyle is a sin, or not allow them to use your church for their own meetings,” Perry Stone Ministries posted on Facebook.  Indeed, a handful of states do have such laws on the books.

Police arrested Kentucky Chaplain David Wells for telling inmates homosexuality was a sin, according to Fox News.  A city ordinance in Idaho demanded pastors perform same-sex ceremonies or go to jail. Former Atlanta fire chief Kelvin Cochran lost his job for calling homosexuality an “impure” lifestyle.  While a spokesperson for Perry Stone Ministries could not be reached regarding the specific bill to which the post referred, it is well-documented many consider the battle for gay rights to be the new civil rights frontier. FULL REPORT