President Obama has been a frequent critic of local police, especially following racially charged incidents in which he seems to reflexively defend minorities – even if they are later found by courts and juries to be guilty as charged. As such, the Obama White House has been working covertly to “nationalize” police departments, essentially bringing all state, county and local police under the purview and control of the Justice Department and federal officials. In fact, the administration has already chosen six cities as test sites. As reported by The New American, Obama signed an executive order last December creating the “President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing.” This past May, the task force released its final report, commonly given the name, “21st Century Policing”.

Of the report’s many recommendations, the mainstream media – which is notoriously deferential to this president – focused primarily on greater restrictions on transfers of military equipment to local police departments. However, these new accountability rules do not explicitly reduce the flow of war machines to local police. Instead, they merely place more federal controls over local departments. CONTINUE