Abortion activist Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party swept pro-abortion Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party from office in Monday’s vote in Canada. Although Harper was no friend to pro-life advocates looking for even minor protections for unborn children from abortion, Trudeau is, amazingly, even worse. Turdeaus abortion views are so extreme that he said, last year, abortion should be more important than whether members of the Canadian parliament can vote their conscience. And he essentially prohibited pro-life members of the Liberal Party.

Leading pro-life groups are saddened by what Trudeau’s election will mean for Canada. “For the first time in Canadian history, we have the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada forcing his entire caucus to hold his personal views on abortion” said Alissa Golob, Youth Coordinator for CLC and one of the campaign’s main organizers. “Not only that, but Justin Trudeau is ignoring and discriminating against the majority of Canadians who support abortion restrictions, by proclaiming they are not welcome to run for the Liberal Party of Canada.” FULL REPORT