Navy Chaplain Lt. Cmdr. Wes Modder never expected counseling service members on what the Bible says would put him in the fight of his life. But that’s what happened after a group of those he counseled complained a few months ago about what he had to say on subjects like homosexuality and other sexual matters. Worsening matters, Modder’s direct commander sided with his accusers and decided to take legal action against the chaplain. “It was shocking. You feel a lot of emotion,” Modder told CBN News in a recent interview. “You feel natural feelings like betrayal.”

His opponents at Joint Base Charleston in South Carolina didn’t just want the Assemblies of God pastor corrected. They were after his job, which would have meant the loss of his military pension as well. “They wanted to kick me out, remove me from a promotion list,” Modder recalled. “Having a family with four children, not knowing what I’m going into, sacrificing 19 years of honorable military service—all of it was on the line, everything.” MORE