The insanity continues as the pronouns “he” and “she” are being joined on American college campuses by “e/ey,” “em,” “eir/eirs,” “eirself/emse” “hu,” “hum,” “hus,” “humself,” “per,” “per,” “per/pers,” “perself, “themse,” “ze,” “hir,” “hir/hirs,” “hirself,” “ze,” “zir,” “zir/zirs” and “zirself.” Among others. And one expert says such social accommodations finally have reached the level of “social madness.” Across the nation, colleges and universities are bending over backward to promote “gender-neutral language.” Besides being allowed to choose the pronouns by which they will be addressed, students born as boys also are being allowed on girls’ sports teams. “Look, we must recognize there is an actual war on gender,” said Michael Brown, a radio host and author. “There are young people who are pushing back; they are rebelling against the ‘gender binary.’’Some of them say… I’m a boy today, I’m a girl tomorrow, and I’m neither.”

The Washington Post ran a profile last year of one such rebellious young person – an 18-year-old named Kelsey who doesn’t identify with any gender, or whose gender is “non-binary.” And the New York Times reported earlier this year on a 21-year-old University of Vermont student born female who is attracted to other females. But rather than identify as lesbian, Rocko Gieselman identifies as transgender, even though Gieselman has retained all female body parts. And the University of Vermont was all too happy to accommodate a student like this. As the Times article explained:

“The university allows students like Gieselman to select their own identity – a new first name, regardless of whether they’ve legally changed it, as well as a chosen pronoun – and records these details in the campuswide information system so that professors have the correct terminology at their fingertips.” “Rocko” is Gieselman’s chosen name, not birth name. And Gieselman’s chosen pronoun, which the university agreed to use, is “they.” CONTINUE