It’s not easy for many Christian ministries to provide desperately needed services and outreaches to their communities and still manage to pay the bills every month. Many faith-based charities are busy helping the poor, orphans, homeless, hungry and drug-addicted individuals and supporting outreach missions abroad. That’s why it’s a blessing when Microsoft offers donated products such as Windows 10, Office 365 Nonprofit and other training and resources to nonprofit charity organizations as part of its Microsoft Corporate Citizenship Charity Sales program, which donates $2 million in software every day to charities.

But, according to the company’s “nondiscrimination policy,” Christian nonprofits need not apply for the donated software – that is, unless they’re willing to hire gay, lesbian and transgender employees, a move that such ministries may see as directly conflicting with their biblical beliefs regarding traditional marriage. Microsoft’s policy offer exclusions for actual churches, which have legally protected hiring exemptions. However, no such protection appears to be offered to faith-based 501(c)(3) ministries – and disqualification from the program could present a financial burden to groups that are unwilling to hire openly gay, lesbian, or transgender employees because the organizations adhere to biblical teachings on homosexuality. FULL REPORT