The type of people being manufactured in today’s politically correct, nanny state culture are a bunch of soft, thin-skinned, easily-offended dependents who often have no idea how to balance a budget or change the oil in their cars. After spending 12 years in the public education system, many students flock to college with no financial plan, and often for degrees that have no realistic job markets. After hiding out in their institutions for four or more years, 85 percent of college seniors plan to move back in with their parents. The only skill many of these pampered college clones and manipulative deadbeats have is how to coerce other people into paying their bills and giving them free stuff. Their strongest social skill might be their ability to whine and complain about how they aren’t being treated fairly. So many want to be treated equal; however, the fact of the matter is, life is not fair. Everything isn’t going to be handed to them on a silver platter and every word isn’t going to be phrased perfectly to please them.

Of course, there are responsible, well-educated adults who grab the bull by the horns and take responsibility for their lives. There are people who aren’t so easily offended — those who don’t expect to live in some politically correct utopia, for instance — but these people are getting more difficult to come by. The strengths of the culture are disintegrating because it is becoming politically incorrect to speak the truth and to hold others accountable for their actions. People have become so afraid of offending or discriminating against other people. Politeness is turning into suppression of speech where people are finding new ways to be offended for the very differences that make us all unique individuals. Political correctness is a trap to destroy individuality, freedom of thought and truthful speech. FULL REPORT