For over a year now, The Free Thought Project website has been following the travails of a Minnesota man who risked jail time over his refusal to remove a wind turbine from his property. Jay Nygard, who owns a green energy business, has been in and out of court for several years now over his refusal to take down a wind turbine he installed on his property. A year ago, he won what turned out to be a short-lived legal victory. Just recently, however, he was back in court facing yet another charge for again refusing an order to remove the turbines from his property.

As The Free Thought Project reported, Nygard did eventually remove the turbines, leaving only the cement bases — and understandably so, as the latter’s removal would have resulted in damage to the foundation of his home. However, for the little Stalin wannabes in Orono, Minnesota — that wasn’t good enough. Ignoring the advice and recommendations of three different structural engineers, local government officials demanded that Nygard also remove the concrete turbine bases as well, regardless of whether doing so will damage his home. FULL REPORT