High tech, specialized robots are about to replace droves of low-wage factory workers and send them packing. Samsung is partnering with South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy to invest nearly $15 million in new robots that will take away the jobs that Chinese workers typically do. The new robots will be in charge of handling cumbersome tasks involved with smartphone assembly. Jobs that once required flexible human fingers will now be replaced with sophisticated robots capable of performing tasks that require dexterity. If Samsung’s plan works, entirely new factories will be constructed in developing nations to undercut Chinese factories that employ millions of human workers.

Developing nations like China will be hit the hardest. As near-slave labor wages begin to rise in China, big businesses are looking for workers that cost cheaper and won’t protest for higher pay. Why not put an end to near-slave labor by replacing human workers with sophisticated robots instead? The plan is a double edged sword; it will benefit big businesses, but leave displaced workers behind. Robots perform tasks at a consistent speed, they don’t complain and will always be at work on time. They don’t even need a lunch break. Displaced workers will never be able to compete with this new technology. FULL REPORT