In a newly-released memoir widely seen as an attempt to shore up public support before the Canadian federal election in a year, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has said that gay “marriage” and abortion are among his “core principles.” Trudeau, who is Catholic, says that when speaking to those who were “opposed to gay marriage, abortion, and legal reform on marijuana” he cannot “simply pander to their position” but has to “adhere to my own views.”

“My response would be to say, ‘We disagree on this, and since we are both arguing from what we regard as our core principles, there is probably little room for compromise. I hope there is enough common ground on other issues, however, for you to consider voting for me.’” His book titled “Common Ground” hit bookstores today. Since taking the helm as Liberal leader last year, Trudeau has stoked controversy by openly stating his “admiration” for China’s “basic dictatorship,” has barred pro-life candidates from running in the party’s “open” nominations, and has marched in various homosexual parades. FULL REPORT