Iraqi christians, commonly known as Assyrian Christians, currently face two options, flee or suffer death at the hands of ISIS. Christians lived peacefully in Iraq since the religion was founded, up until 2013. But when ISIS barbarians stormed the country in 2014 and declared the land as part of their Caliphate, they forced out or eliminated Christians. Under Saddam Hussein’s reign there were 1.4million Christians – but now only 260,000 remain as the number fleeing from Middle Eastern nations including Iraq, Pakistan and Syria escalates.

‘UK charity Aid to the Church in Need has now issued a report to the House of Lords this week warning the religion could be extinct in just five years. Introducing the report named ‘Persecuted and Forgotten?’ Prime Minister David Cameron said: “Every day in countries across the world, Christians are systematically discriminated against, exploited and even driven from their homes because of their faith. FULL REPORT