Almost no one but the most learned and astute historian understands the massive societal transformation that is currently taking place in Europe, thanks to waves and waves of migrants and refugees from the war-torn Middle East – a transformation that will result, inevitably, in the Muslim conquest of a dying continent. Ground Zero for this massive transformation is Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel recently was forced to walk back her open invitation to tens of thousands of Middle Eastern and North African migrants and refugees following protests from her people.

Worse, her open-door policy has created innumerable problems, not the least of which is a severe strain on the nation’s available social services and, in particular, its medical services. And local leaders are pleading for more help from the central government. What’s more, the migrants themselves are creating problems – cultural problems, in particular. As the UK’s Express reports, Muslim men in the German settlement centers who are seeking asylum are refusing to be treated by female doctors, nurses and medics. FULL REPORT