UPDATE: At least 220 people have been confirmed dead after a massive landslide buried part of a town in Guatemala last week but about 350 people are still missing, the country’s national disaster agency has announced. Loosened by heavy rains, a hillside collapsed on to Santa Catarina Pinula on the south-eastern flank of Guatemala City on 1 October, burying more than 100 homes under tonnes of earth, rock and trees, and sparking a huge rescue effort. CONTINUE 

Now the authorities in Guatemala have ordered some 40 families to leave their homes close to where a landslide killed at least 253 people last week. They say there is a risk of another landslide hitting the area, near the capital, Guatemala City.
The government will decide on Monday whether to suspend the rescue work. An official investigation is under way to determine why houses where built in El Cambray 2 neighbourhood despite warnings of a possible accident. Guatemala’s National Disaster Reduction Commission (Conred) warned as early as 2009 that there was a risk of collapse. The middle-class neighbourhood was built at the bottom of a steep hillside next to a river, some 15km (nine miles) east of Guatemala City. CONTINUE