Sensational predictions about the imminent end of times have been sweeping the media in recent months. There’s been wide, new – even secular – interest in the biblical Shemitah cycle, the blood-moons tetrad and the status of the Middle East. There’s been a nuclear deal with Iran, which has vowed to destroy Israel, and more, to stir up the discussions. Some have been looking to the sky with the idea that the great biblical Tribulation is about to begin. But Mark Biltz, the man who discovered the blood-moons phenomenon, says he believes there now will be at least another seven years. Before the end might begin.

“What is important to understand is this is a seven-year time frame according to the biblical calendar,” Biltz explained. He suggests the Tribulation can’t just begin on any random date but must follow a certain structured plan. “God reveals himself through patterns,” he said. The goal, then, is to discover and be aware of those patterns. Unfortunately, Biltz argues the vast majority of believers are blind to what the calls the “signs of the times” because they are following the world’s “pagan” calendar. CONTINUE