Do you know where your child is? This is perhaps one of the most terrifying questions a parent can be asked. It is that question that is leading more and more parents to consider GPS tracking as a safety option for their children. A September poll by Gallup out of Norway shows six out of ten Norwegians would use GPS tracking for children under the age of 12. However not all Norwegians are excited about the spread of such technology. The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (NDPA) is concerned that the devices could be an invasion of children’s right to privacy.

“It is an important principle, that you should be able to move around freely without being monitored. Privacy is important for children as well, ” warned NDPA head Bjørn Erik. Child-friendly tracking devices have also taken off in New Zealand. Businesses that sell the tracking products say demand is growing and hundreds of parents are already experiment with different types of devices. Several start-ups in this area have opened shop in the past few years after seeing a growing need for such products. They including brands like hereO, Tinitell and FiLIP – mostly wristband watches that notify parents of their kids’ whereabouts at any given moment and signal them if they leave a certain designated zone. CONTINUE