Google’s director of engineering, Ray Kurzweil has predicted that humans will be hybrid robots by 2030. But what will this be like? More importantly, what will this feel like? Are you ready to engage what’s left of your humorous humanity when I offer you the information that Kurzweil believes we’re going to be quite wonderful people when we’re part robot? Kurzweil has a truly, madly, deeply optimistic view of who we will be when nanobots are implanted into our brains so we can expand our intelligence by directly tapping into the Internet.

This is such a relief. I had feared that when a robot was implanted into my brain, my head would hurt. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be quite in touch with my feelings, as I wouldn’t be sure if they were real or just the promptings of my inner robot. Kurzweil, Speaking recently at Singularity University, where he is a member of the faculty, explained that your brain will develop in the same way your smartphone has. “We’re going to add additional levels of abstraction,” he said, “and create more-profound means of expression.” CONTINUE