A giant idol of the elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesh has collapsed on a crowd of worshippers in India. Video footage of the event captured festive instrumental music playing in the background as revellers gathered before the massive statue. As the idol begins to tilt forward, the crowd stares in a split second of silence before screaming in unison. The statue comes crashing down hard on the worshippers, with several people seen attempting to run away. It is not known if anyone was injured in the incident.

The video was uploaded by Madz Papa on YouTube on September 28. It was shot in Hyderabad – 1,500km south of the capital New Delhi – at a religious festival known as Immersion Day, during which the deity Ganesh is immersed in water.  At a separate Immersion Day celebration further south in the country, a man was crushed to death and three others were injured when a Ganesh statue fell on several people, The Hindu reported. Ganesh was featured in popular culture when Homer Simpson attempted to stop Apu’s arranged marriage by disguising himself as the elephant-headed god of good fortune. FULL REPORT